HEY LEGENDS! Please note my shop is closed for a brief period. I’m having surgery (sadly I’m NOT having my breasts hoisted by 4 inches–I’m having surgery for endometriosis) and I’m not sure when I (and hence the shop) will be back in action. Thanks for your patience!

You have two hilarious books to choose from, but let’s be sensible here: You really need them both.

Prices INCLUDE FREE AUSSIE POSTAGE because how goddamn annoying is it when you go to check out and you have to pay $9 postage for a $15 set of nipple clamps?! All orders are bundled up and sent with love from Shannon to you.

If you’re international… well… I’m sorry but postage isn’t free. If I offered free shipping for y’all I’d have to pimp out my ring-piece to fund it and that would be dangerous because I have haemorrhoids.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is $12AU to New Zealand and $15AU to UK, US and Canada.

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