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I’m not here to tell you how to be the perfect parent… I’M HERE TO TELL YOU THE BLOODY TRUTH ABOUT PARENTHOOD!

When a baby arrives you aren’t gifted with an unlimited supply of patience and virtue — all you’re rewarded with is a torn perineum and a lifelong commitment to someone you literally just met. But something that does happen when you welcome a child into your life is: you just want to do right by the little sods. So how do you balance out that insatiable need to parent like a goddamn champ while also not exhausting yourself?

Parenting for Legends is a hilarious, uncensored guide to parenting young children, filled with confessions, tips and stories from an irreverent mum of two young boys. This honest and frank account of parenthood will have you in stitches and bring you gently back to reality with sprinklings of sage advice.

With chapters such as, ‘What to really bloody expect when you’re expecting’, ‘Sometimes at night you want to put them in the bin’, and ‘Your relationships might take a punch to the willy’, this book gives an honest but very entertaining account on the realities of parenthood.

You’ll love it.

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I’m a praise-whore, so I already gathered some for Parenting for Legends:

‘Brutal honesty, but in the most brilliant way.’ Sophie Cachia 

‘Shannon speaks a language that drowns out the sound of outdated advice, wielding her trademark humour, honesty, practicality and kindness as the major tools for survival — so you can instead delight in the drudgery and marvel in the magic of parenthood.’ Erika Heynatz

‘Finally — a parenting book that tells it how it really is! It’s hilarious, informative, slightly disturbing yet totally relatable.’ The Real Dads of Melbourne

‘Hilarious but super helpful at the same time. I will happily devour anything Shannon writes.’ Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond

‘Oh my god! Parenting for Legends is actually legendary! I couldn’t stop giggling from the first page. Shannon, you are one funny motherf**ker!’ Emmylou MacCarthy

‘Parenting for Legends would’ve saved me a dick-punch or two if I’d read it 6 years ago.’ Mr Shannon

Parenting for Legends, written by Shannon Kelly White, is the perfect gift for new parents, or as a gift for yourself to help you laugh about your days with little ones.

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7 reviews for Parenting for Legends

  1. Henri

    Too funny, it’s real Shannon giving real tips!

  2. Shannon

    I wrote the damn thing but I stand by my 5 star rating.

  3. Brett

    I love this book, it’s honest, hilarious & heart warming. It would make the perfect gift for anyone with small humans in their lives.

  4. Lindsay

    Parenting for Legends is a fun, witty and entertaining book that gives parents and expecting parents stories of personal experiences, tips and advise in a non ‘knobish’ fashion! I can relate so much to this! A really good and different gift idea . . . For anyone really!!

  5. Keith Wilson

    Hi Shannon, is it possible to ship to New Zealand, I would love to buy your book, I’m a Kiwi working in Australia and like straight out Aussie conversation and humor. I’m a grandfather and my kids would like this book, me first..

    • Shannon (verified owner)

      Yes! 🙂

  6. Jihane (verified owner)

    Thanks for this awesome piece of a book! Not only did it make me laugh out loud (how awesome is that “bee’s dick” cartoon??!!) bu it also made my Christmas shopping a hell of a lot easier…half my friends are getting one!

    • Shannon (verified owner)

      Thank you so much! 😀

  7. Cory

    Can this book be shipped to The United States?

    • Shannon (verified owner)


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