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I wrote Shannon’s Kitchen because I was sick of preachy f**kers’ nonsense making us all feel guilty about food. I was sick of seeing size-minus-a-million babes in bikinis yacking about some ridiculous diet they were on while I was busy trying to work out how to stop my arse shaking from a spanking I received back in 2012. ¬†Because YES I NEED nutritious food but I DO NOT need it with a side of low self esteem. I need to be HAPPY. I need to laugh. Shannon’s Kitchen is full of recipes for healthy food you’ll actually f**king eat accompanied by silly stories that will make you giggle. Do I use too much profanity and and an excessive volume of doodle jokes in the book? Almost definitely. But do I speak the truth? Also a very firm yes. Is the book a bestseller? I don’t want to brag but you bet your sweet arse it is.

I wrote Parenting for Legends because I wanted to uplift parents. I wanted to pat those goddamn champs on the back. I wanted to reassure them that if they LOVE their child and are KIND to them then they are doing well. I wanted to kick judgement right in the willy. There is just so much conflicting information out there, and so many todgers wanting to tell us we’re doing a shit job. BUT WE ARE ALL DOING OUR BEST. And we don’t need to be perfect parents — we just need to give them our hearts. Parenting for Legends is the book I wish I’d had when I first became a mum and is full of funny illustrations and nod-your-head moments and I’ve been delighted to receive hundreds of messages of thanks for writing this silly but honest account of parenting young children.

I am really proud of these books because they are honest and genuine and when I wrote them I didn’t hold back. I made them because I want to make people happy.

I hope you love them,

Shannon x


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