The Real Dads of Melbourne: Finally — a parenting book that tells it how it really is! It’s hilarious, informative, slightly disturbing yet totally relatable.”

Sophie Cachia:Brutal honesty, but in the most brilliant way.”

Emmylou MacCarthy:Oh my god! Parenting for Legends is actually legendary! I couldn’t stop giggling from the first page. Shannon, you are one funny motherf**ker!’”

Erika Heynatz: “Shannon speaks a language that drowns out the sound of outdated advice, wielding her trademark humour, honesty, practicality and kindness as the major tools for survival — so you can instead delight in the drudgery and marvel in the magic of parenthood.”

Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond:Hilarious but super helpful at the same time. I will happily devour anything Shannon writes.”

Mr Shannon: “Parenting for Legends would’ve saved me a dick-punch or two if I’d read it six years ago.”



Zoë Foster Blake“This book is completely inappropriate and vulgar – which is exactly why I love it. Shannon has disrupted a saturated and overly earnest genre with her unique medley of filthy language, humour and delicious recipes. I give it 15/10 f**ks.”

Sophie Cachia“If you’re like me and into rude and crude humour then please do yourself a favour and visit Shannon’s Kitchen! … Pure gold.”

Monty Dimond“On top of her food and health knowledge, Shannon may just be one of the funniest writers on the block. If fruity words offend you, I suggest this book isn’t for you… and you should grow some balls.”

Erika Heynatz: “Amongst all the other mind numbing nutritional stuff on the shelves, this is packing the secret sauce. She’s delivered on the biggest missing ingredient. Amazingly – it’s not NOT KALE – it’s humour. And she serves it up by the kilo and let’s you lick the spoon. If I could devour her words, I would. The kitchen should be a place for delicious good fun – finally someone gets it!”

Lauren Dubois“If you hate laughing or feeling joy, you should definitely not buy this book. It will totally ruin your day.”

Dr Tim Crowe“In her own unique potty mouth style, Shannon serves up something to please every taste, free from any try-hard superfood trends or parroting of what the wellness cool kids on Instagram are up to. Never has good food, good taste and foul language gone so well together.”

Jo Elvin“If you’re sick of being fed utter BS about food, you need Shannon in your life. Her take on health and nutrition is frank and frankly, filthy. And I can’t get enough.”

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